Looking for Pregnancy Support from Certified Midwives in the Greater Atlanta, GA Region?

The History of Midwifery

The term “midwife” comes from the Old English phrase meaning “with woman.”

Midwifery in the U.S. began with a woman named Mary Breckenridge, who was determined to provide health care to people living in the remote Appalachian Mountain region. While on a trip to Europe, she was so impressed with the skill and care European nurse-midwives provided their patients that she brought several British nurse-midwives to America and established the Frontier Nursing Service.

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Nurse-Midwives (CNMs)

Innovative Obstetric Surgical Procedures

CNMs are trained as both nurses and midwives. Our Nurse Midwives are licensed to practice by the state after completing a 3 to 4 year bachelor level degree in nursing or midwifery, and passing a national certification exam from the American College of Nurse-Midwives (ACNM).

The main function of a midwife is to provide support and care to women during Labor and Delivery. However, midwives today don’t just attend births; Promised Land Women’s Center midwives also offer many types of gynecologic care such as:

  • Health Education and Counseling

  • Preconception Planning

  • Gynecologic Exams

  • Guidance with Breast Feeding

Have Questions?

Mothers who experience our midwifery services are well pleased with the care they receive and close “Family-Like” bond they enjoy with our providers. Our patients’ are our family and we enjoy being a partner during their birthing and wellness experience. Please contact us today with any questions you may have regarding our midwifery services.

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